Manx Wildlife Trust ~ Treisht Bea-Feie Vannin

Swift nest box

Our Blue Tit nest box was installed in the north of the Island towards the end of 2018. We had a lot of interest early in 2019 from blue tits clearly checking out the accommodation but sadly – they decided against it. The possible reason why became clear in the winter when a male House Sparrow roosted overnight throughout the winter. House sparrows can behave like the local bullies and chase off other smaller species of garden birds. So, at the start of 2020, during our routine maintenance, we installed a smaller hole plate preventing larger birds like sparrows from entering. We were, however, thwarted again – this time by a wasps nest. Which also failed. Not to be put off, we cleaned up the lens and are now showing both the Swift and Blue Tit nest box feeds.